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The Secret to More Leads, Profit, and Spare Time

Posted by Dr. Karl Ruegg on February 24, 2018

We were using so many different forms of documentation that it was, information was scattered everywhere. We were working off of post it notes. We did the old fashioned paper, sticky notes, verbal confirmations. We used to use white boards quite a bit. We were double entering everything. You found yourself doing things over and over again. It was written and logged on that estimate, that piece of paper. So if you lost that piece of paper, you lost that customers entire lifeline. If you lose that piece of paper, you lose that lead and that information. There was a lot of clutter. There was no communication. There was a lot of disorganization. We’d want to see how quickly we were getting jobs installed. How quickly, you know, how many jobs were sold. How many jobs weren’t sold. Comparing those types of things. You have to be talented at Excel to process those things. It was getting a lot more complicated. Our Excel spreadsheet was getting in the thousands of, uh, prospects so it was a little chaotic.

We could lose a fifty thousand dollar job just because nobody knew that the customer hadn’t been followed up with. We decided that we needed to find a solution to all these problems when customers were slipping through the cracks for simple and basic communication errors. Actually called a couple different companies that do similar work that we do that were out of our area and said, “Hey, what is it that you guys use? How do you guys use it? And what are the benefits of it?” One of the things that we had come to find across the board was everyone had talked about these CRM systems. I probably tried five different programs before I found improveit! I went through hours of training so I gave them all a good shot. And I wanted to learn them and I wanted them to work but it was like I was forcing it to work and I knew it wasn’t. It was the best functionality, value and ease of use for our organization. 360 is a program that allows you to grow. Since we started using improveit! 360, our growth has been about 1000% in gross revenues.

I use it for everything. There is nothing I don’t use i360 for during the day. We pretty much put all our eggs in one basket with improveit! It does our scheduling. It does our estimating. It does our invoicing. When I need to add contracts and drawings, I can put them in the system. Everything is in one place so I don’t need another system. I’m able to email. I’m able to send the contracts from the system. I’m able to send directions from the system. It really helped us keep track of the leads.

And not only that, but the amazing thing about it is that six months from now, we have somebody call in and say, “Hey you know what. I know you guys gave me an estimate on my siding six months ago. Can you go back out again? And I really think I want to go ahead with the project.” And we can say, “Oh yes, Mr. Smith. Are you on 123 Main Street?” It’s one of those things that makes them feel important like, “Oh well, they really do remember who I am.” And were able then to just then go through and chart the progress of where we’ve been. At the end of each day, we get reports emailed out to certain people throughout the company. Lead scheduling, sales and the project managers about some key information they need to plan for the next day. For the lead schedulers, they get an email report showing how many leads were scheduled and the various components that were scheduled from those leads. Sales gets a daily report of the whole sales team so they can see right in front of their face how they’re doing compared to their peers.

The project managers get a report showing the daily activities of what happened and what is supposed to happen the following day. It’s amazing how much more I feel like I can get done in a shorter period of time. improveit! 360 allowed us to become much more efficient. We’ve recognized cost savings across the board. We were able to schedule the appointments and everybody could have access to it. The mobility was definitely a deciding factor because whether I was on the road, the estimator was on the road, the crew leader was on the road. Everybody could see what they needed to see when they were out. I can work on it wherever. I think that’s a wonderful component that I didn’t have anywhere else I’ve ever worked where I was able to do things remotely.

And the calendar function is phenomenal for me. I can color code all the different employees. We’re all able to access it. I’m able to move things around really easily and I’m able to schedule all kinds of different appointments, projects, showroom appointments, events and I can see it all on the same schedule. I have my guys here, here and here. I have an open date. I can call the customer and say, “I can get you in on this date.” improveit! 360, the CRM, really allowed us to look at the appointments that weren’t sold and really analyze why they weren’t sold and what needs to happen. The one legged, the no shows, the cancellations, demo not sold, the follow ups. Everything that was resulted tells a story and we were trying to figure out how to continue that story onto the sold deal.

I can go in there right now and five minutes from now, tell you which one of our vendors in the month of May are getting jobs installed quicker. What we discovered about our business once we gotten improveit! 360 up and running within our organization is that we were doing things completely wrong. I’m able to pull a report that’s going to show me these are customers that haven’t been resulted or that haven’t had an estimate sent to them. And it was surprising to see in the course of a month how many people we actually skipped. Every day, I look at the incoming lead report. Actually, I have a dashboard set up. The nice thing about 360 is that we can take a bunch of reports for each individual lead source and break them down into a graphical presentation on the dashboard feature. And we have it set up in a way that we can quickly glance across the whole dashboard and see how every lead that comes in is performing for us.

We actually cut out a few sources and transferred some marketing budget over to some higher performers. It really opened our eyes and notified us where we were losing money from our marketing stand point. It helped us diversify funds. I use the reports on how are we doing and I use the dashboards on how have we done. What I like best about improveit! 360 is the customer success team. I absolutely love and adore them.

Working with the customer support, I’ve managed to tailor the system to my needs. So everything I need it to do now, it does for me. I think it’s easy to use. I think the technical support is fantastic. Our team really loves the system. It really has helped our organization. Our business uses improveit! 360 every second of everyday, when it comes to our business. I would definitely recommend improveit! 360 to others. improveit! was really our tool to do what we were doing, but do it better. improveit! 360 has made our business work smoother, quicker and easier. improveit! 360 really helped us take our business to the next level.

It’s easy to grow fast out of the gate, but it’s very difficult once you have a few sales people and an infrastructure to keep fed, to take it to the next level. Being the director of operations, I’m the director of operations for Baltimore, for Virginia, for Charlotte, for Cleveland. And the only way I’d be able to do it is with a system like improveit! 360. improveit! 360 is an established company. They have an established success rate. We are as our small business, a company that always wants to do better and be our best.

And improveit! 360 truly allows us to be that way and grows with us as we grow. I would tell anybody to try the system out because I think from the first time that you try it, you’re able to see all the features that it gives you and from that point to know that you can customize it from there and tailor it to your business is huge for me..

How To Get More Leads For My Business | 3 Dangerously Effective Online Strategies

Posted by Dr. Karl Ruegg on February 23, 2018

Them how to get more leads for my business them and mark lee gets here welcome to my office here in Brisbane Queensland Australia cell you’re looking for Walgreens right I’m going to give you a lease Gary highly effective online marketing strategies you can use get is this stuff scale up prosper how to get more leads for my business so let’s begin strategy number one years solo ads this is actually screwed up helpful this you get use somebody else’s already established I’ll just to from Margera you basically hi click nice and you could literally hear Rockler violent but his within 24-48 hours using solomon’s and there are no technical skills how to get more leads for my business why did all this change so it’s a good one strategy governments yes pay-per-click K you ya be high school huge poorhouse PC programs now there is a line so what’s best how to get more leads for my business choose one program and books Sarah somewhere attack teachers how best lies heads that particular primary then move on to the next one strategy number three’s long I guess way to get bodo very its so what you can do it this is create compelling free of Ave get people exchange knowledge s what you do skew I its people come establish itself as an authority how to get more leads for my business page I guess speaking free offers I have very special one I’ve changed its special rights to any those be sent via hockey page anarchic this absolutely 3 start to show you exactly how to create your very how to get more leads for my business cash now use it I’m not too sure how much it happens of for I have to take down a response Hari claim your free like clicking the link below right in how to get more leads for my business

Business Owners, get more leads today and increase your sales

Posted by Dr. Karl Ruegg on February 22, 2018

Hello I’m Osmond Maguire owner of Wizzard Technical Designs and I would like to introduce you to UK Business Startups a department that we’ve created that focuses on looking after your business on the internet. Based in Rugeley Staffordshire we help local businesses embrace digital techniques and enhance their digital marketing. We have helped hundreds of local Staffordshire businesses and we would like to help you too. Is your business two to three years old are you struggling to survive? Then we are your ideal partner and you are our ideal customer.

Come and see us today we want to help you get your message out to all those customers that use the internet on a daily basis. Let us help you build a lead generation machine that just turns out leads and let us also help you turn those leads into converted sales that will in turn help your business. We will build you a digital package with your help that takes in all the elements of digital marketing today and puts them all together that will really focus on your business and help you.

Because you are busy running your business you need a company like ours to help run your digital marketing for your business. Let my team take care of all the digital pieces of your marketing we are very skilled at building websites, we can build you landing pages, we can manage your social media and we can also build sales maps that lead to conversions and ultimately sales. There is lots of other techniques that you may not have heard about, but we know a thing or two about and we will gladly share with you and help you on your journey to securing more customers. Give me a call or better still come over to the office in Rugeley for coffee ior a tea and lets have a chat about your business the direction you want to take it to, the customers that you want to get in front of and the sales that you really need to achieve.

I’m Osmond Maguire from Wizzard Technical Designs you can call me on 01889 227 900 alternatively like this video, share this video send me a post in social media but most of all we look forward to helping you get in front of your customers and get your voice heard on the Internet. Thank You.