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Small Business Marketing Tip 16 of 56 How We Design Competition Crushing Ads

Posted by Dr. Karl Ruegg on January 19, 2018

New Live Streaming Event: Small Business Marketing Tip “How We Design Competition Crushing Ads” by Dr. Karl Ruegg – Small Business Growth Expert – Published Author

Quickstart Program Step #3 Business Card by Dr. Karl Ruegg

Posted by Dr. Karl Ruegg on January 18, 2018

Welcome to our e-learning marketing system mini video series the purpose of this short video presentation is to show you a specific section on our site that you can use right now to generate more leads attract more clients and make more money for your business this mini video series has been carefully created to guide you to the content that can impact your business right now and our goal is to put some dollars in your pocket the only thing that will prevent this from happening is you we have everything on our e-learning site you will ever need to build the business of your dreams however if you don’t apply the information we have here for you naturally you will never see any results please remember that these videos will only cover a mere fraction of the money generating strategies and tactics tools and resources we have available for you in this program while these videos will indeed make you a lot of money right now that revenue will pale in comparison to what we can help you make when we work together moving forward and please keep in mind that these many videos are going out to a wide diverse group so I will need to select various businesses to use as examples throughout this series however all of the strategies and tactics we will show you are applicable to every business on the planet so let’s cover our third marketing strategy in this series if you recall our first two strategies focused on selecting a lead generation strategy for real estate agent she was brand new in the business and had no leads no contacts no clients and of course no money she selected networking as her preferred way to generate leads the tactics she elected to use to generate prospective buyers and sellers was the elevator pitch a 10 to 30 second mini commercial that highlights the major benefits she provided to her prospects that her competition does not she could then select from one of the two online options to help her create her very own elevator pitch she used our revenue generating elevator pitch template to create her own pitch for her home sellers and our elevator pitch library to select the elevator pitch that would work for her buyers they both helped her to immediately separate her business from her competitors and made her the logical choice to do business with but we’re still not done with this example think what happens when a prospect at a networking event is interested in learning more about what you do how you can help them they immediately ask for your business card right so think about this you’ve gone to networking events in the past and you probably went back to your home or office with several business cards from people you met at that event what did you do with those business cards the vast majority of these cards wind up at the bottom of our circular file in your office that we call the trash can so what makes you think that simply handing your business card to a prospective real estate buyer or seller will be any different the typical business card contains nothing more than your name and phone number it does nothing to continue to nurture the interest your elevator pitch created when you spoke with them it fails to create any additional leads for your business or to compel a qualified prospect to want to follow up with you even though your elevator pitch was highly compelling and caught their attention your business card does nothing to continue to build on that interest what if we could change that forever in our alluring Marketing System we created an entire resources and templates Center where we placed all the tools samples and templates you will ever need to build your business the right way and do so with complete confidence uncertainty on your main dashboard click on more leads then click on link labeled resources we use to generate leads using our done for you competition crushing marketing scroll down to the link labeled our secret resources and templates to help you do it yourself finally scroll down to where it says business card template click that link and we’ll show you how to design the front and back of your business card and turn it into a lead generation and prospect nurturing machine when you click on the link labeled front you will gain access to a template that you can use as a model that shows you how to design the front of your card so you establish your credibility and continue to build rapport with each prospect you hand it to while you still need your standard name title and contact information at the top you should also provide any relevant social networking sites if they contain the potential for generating leads or closing prospective sales Twitter Facebook and LinkedIn are valuable additional resources for some businesses and a complete waste of time effort and energy for others list these only when you have a specific sales process that contains a well-thought-out social media strategy if your coach a speaker and author or even a business owner with a product or service where a visual demonstration helps to generate interest in closed sales you might consider creating videos of your presentation or demonstration and placing it on YouTube add the link to your videos on the front of your card with a brief yet accurate description that tells the prospect what they can expect if and when they go there the videos might be credibility boosters for you or your product or service they could be actual demonstrations for what you do or highlight the differences between you and your competition they could also be used to create interest or raised speculation the possibilities are endless the main thing to remember is that it becomes very compelling to a prospect their curiosity will get the better of them they they simply have to know why that link is there this one additional feature on your business card may increase your sales or lead to dramatically toward the bottom of your card consider placing an intriguing message that says see backside for special offer this should be in red lettering or some other type format that highlights it in order to attract the prospects attention this special offer could be for additional information about what you sell a bonus coupon voucher or anything the prospect will consider to be a value to them give them a reason to hang on to your card and whatever your offer have them first register for it by giving you their contact information more on that in a moment also when appropriate use a picture of yourself or your product or service to create additional interest color increases interest by forty percent alone you should also add a caption such as a brief product description highlighting a major benefit of your product or service or a results-based testimonial if your presenter writer or coach the back of your card should always provide the prospect with a compelling offer to either learn more about what you do or to receive a no-risk way to try out your product or service in this specific business card template we use the link to a landing page where we have a free informative video for them to watch you always want to use your business card to continue to move your prospects closer to the sale but let’s revisit our two real estate agents examples in our first example she was looking for sellers while in the second example she was looking for buyers in the form of investors what should she place on her business card as a compelling offer the answer is simple you always want to create an offer that coincides with the elevator pitch that was used this means she really needs to create two separate and distinct business cards one that she can hand to potential sellers and one to give to prospective buyers as the selling agent her main theme focused on selling the prospects home within 29 days guaranteed that sounds like a pretty bold claim in fact it’s so bold that it immediately creates skepticism in most prospects they’ll instantly think to themselves okay what’s the catch logic says that any reasonable home seller is going to question how any agent can pull off such an unbelievable offer so that’s what her free offer must address the prospects skepticism in this instance she would place a link to a landing page on the back of her business card offering a free report titled 19 things every home seller must know to sell their home quickly and for top dollar every prospect she gives her business card to will be compelled to download that report to find out what those 19 things are and they will have to register to receive it by entering their name and email address by capturing their contact information that allows our agent to start following up with each and every interested prospect by using something we call a drip campaign that’s where she begins to email them a series of communications that continue to highlight her expertise as an agent and the proprietary process she uses that allows her to fully guarantee in writing that she can sell their home for top dollar within 29 days once they understand the process she uses to do this and they see that it’s not some trick or scam to get them to list their home with her she now becomes the logical choice for this prospect to work with when they finally decide it’s time to sell their home but how would this agent know to use that title for their free report simple as an e-learning Marketing System member it’s already done for she would simply go to her market dominating advertising and marketing samples section and click on real estate then on report this report is already written and waiting for this agent to offer to her prospects as a download on her website landing page but that raises another problem how would this agent know how to create a landing page how would she know how to properly format which he have to hire a graphic designer or web designer and a copywriter with the e-learning marketing system he doesn’t need anything but her mouse button all she needs to do is click on the website landing page link and she can choose from a multitude of landing page designs she feels best reflects her business she can hand over her selection to her webmaster to recreate it on her website in fact instead of a free report perhaps this agent prefers a two-page flyer to give to interested prospects in that case she can click on the two page flyer link and here’s the template for her to follow so she can create her own brochure and if our real estate agent decided she wanted to go all out and build a competition crushing website all she needs to do is scroll down to the more leads link on her dashboard click on tactics we use to market your business and generate leads and then click on how we design market dominating websites we will show her in minutes exactly how to design build and develop a site that features her free report in such a compelling way that it will be irresistible to her prospects so now you know how you can turn your own business card into lead generation machine when you combine this strategic approach with your compelling elevator pitch together they form a competition crushing team however this agent may discover that offering her free report is so powerful at attracting new leads that she wants to offer it to all prospective sellers throughout her entire community then why not make sure that offers shows up on page one of the search engines so prospective sellers can easily find it and request it in order to make that happen our agent can click back to the dashboard and click on more leads then click on the link labeled online marketing strategies then click on world-class online marketing strategies and scroll down to the link labeled how to get your web site indexed fast here she will learn the insider secrets for getting her report listed in the top 10 rankings on all the major search engines can you see how simple we’ve made this and how we’ve gone to tremendous links to provide you with all the tools resources templates strategies tactics and support you will ever need to build a multi-million dollar business so that’s the process she would use as a selling agent to generate a multitude of highly qualified leads in a very short period of time and get instant revenue flowing into her business however when preparing to speak with buyers she would repeat the exact same process but in this case she might name her report the seven hidden secrets to acquiring multimillion-dollar homes for no money down in adding millions to your net worth overnight think that title might compel real estate investors to want to know more but notice one more critically important component that appears on the front of the business card template at the very top no results no fee is our USP or unique selling proposition every business must have a USP and it should state the single biggest benefit your business offers that your competition doesn’t unfortunately most businesses don’t have a USP and it can take months to create just the right one but not when you’re an e-learning member our real estate agent can simply go to the USP library and click on usps by industry scroll down and click on real estate she could review the available usps listed here and simply select the one that matches her targeted prospects when she’s a seller’s agent her USP might say your home sold in 29 days at full market value guaranteed when she’s a buyer’s agent she might select multimillion-dollar homes no money down once in a lifetime opportunity these targeted usps would instantly remind her prospects of the elevator pitch they heard from her earlier and it further compels them to want to know more about the services she provides seriously is there any doubt in your mind that either of these approaches would result in a virtual flood of new prospective buyers and sellers for this agent her results certainly seem to indicate that fact the vast majority of real estate agents don’t make $25,000 in their first year as an agent and yet our client topped 150 thousand dollars in her first ten months all from using her networking strategy elevator pitches and handing out her business card with the appropriate offers in usps so what are you waiting for start designing your new business card today based on the template in your resource and templates section with the e-learning marketing system we’ve taken the guesswork as well as the time effort and energy right out of the equation when it comes to helping you explode your revenue and profits and build a world-class business we have everything on this site you will ever need as a small business owner and it’s as easy as point and click and believe it or not this is just the beginning of what we have waiting for you our next mini video will continue to follow the same format it will feature another specific strategy designed to make you money and grow your business will walk you through it step by step so you not only know where the information is on this site but so you know exactly how to apply it so it works and makes you money so until next time here’s to your success

Small Business Marketing Tip 15 of 56 How We Create Your Elevator Pitch Using Our Four Part Process

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New Live Streaming Event: Small Business Marketing Tip “How We Create Your Elevator Pitch Using Our Four Part Process” by Dr. Karl Ruegg – Small Business Growth Expert – Published Author